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Welcome to The Club!


Cycling is more fun with friends

We’ve been at this for a long time (over 15 years) and know this to be true, so we created this cycling club to help bring riders together.

It’s free to join! 

By joining you will be included in our promotion of regular group rides from our clubhouses, organized away rides, fun events and seasonal challenges. Download your free digital membership card to "jump on wheel."

  Join the Club! 

ELITE Membership

Become an Elite Member, for an annual cost of only $100 annually, and unlock additional benefits, priority and access. Elite membership includes everything free membership does, plus:

  • ELITE digital membership card
  • Early access to organized events
  • Priority status for repairs and maintenance
  • Discounts from special club offerings
  • 10 percent off in-store purchases


New Kit Drop

Fresh kits are available for all Club members! Join The Club! today for access.

To access The Club kit buy, open your digital membership card in your phones wallet app. The link to the order site is on the back of your digital membership card