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Staff Picks 

Check out our staff picks of bikes and accessories that are on the top of our wish list


Fresh gear just added to the Serious Cycling line-up. Born in the italian dolomites — making athletes faster, lighter and better protected since 1972.

Yeti SB150

The SB150 features our patented Switch Infinity suspension system, which switches direction as the bike moves through its travel.

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$170.61 - $324.99
$299.99 - $324.99
$165.00 - $254.99
$249.99 - $254.99
$241.69 - $424.99
$250.71 - $425.00
$399.99 - $425.00
$75.63 - $299.99
$274.99 - $299.99


The smoothest and most durable bearings you could have on your bike. Ceramicspeed is known for giving you watts back in your drive train and noticeably improving ride quality.

Call or get in touch with us today to find out if CeramicSpeed is right for you and your bike.


CeramicSpeed Headset Bearings

If you've ever dealt with with a pitted, worn out, or corroded headset, you might consider switching to CermicsSpeed bearings at your next tune-up.

Call or get in touch with us today to find out if CeramicSpeed is right for you and your bike.


Cervelo Aspero

The Aspero Gravel Bike is crafted with intent to be the fastest endurance rig through hundreds of miles of challenging off road

Giro Helmet

Giro Aether

The Aether MIPS® helmet is unlike any helmet ever created and a true testament of dedication. Available in many colors to match your favorite kit.

Optygen HP

Wether you are looking for a performance edge or just want to get up your favorite climb a bit faster OptygenHP by First Endurance will help you get there. Tried and true by our shop staff, feel free to drop in and ask them just how big their gains were.


NEXT Carbon Handlebar

Switching to a carbon bar improves ride quality for every type of rider. Carbon bars are lighter and stiffer than their alloy counterparts and reduced ride vibration in your hands.

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