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There are many methods to fit and record the measurements of a rider to their bicycle. Our bike fit philosophy has been developed over time through technical training, real-life trial and error, and client feedback. The objective of our bike fit approach is to match our client’s cycling goals with a position on the bike that optimizes performance from their body and their bike. 

The key success factors to our approach are in the evaluation of our clients 1- posture, 2/ pedaling technique and 3/ core strength and flexibility. 

Finally, we believe that a bike fit is a continuum and not necessarily a ‘forever version of the truth'. In real-life our clients spend more and less time training, they become fitter and some take a break from cycling for extended periods of time. As a result, the bike fit they have today, may not be the bike fit they need tomorrow. Similarly, the bike fit you may have had a few years ago, may not be the best fit for you today.

At the conclusion of our work you will receive the following measurements which can be used to translate one bike’s fit numbers to another bike.

Bike Rentals: If you are renting a bike from us and provide these measurements we will happily reflect them on your rental.

Bike Fit Card: This is the card you will receive from us as a result of your bike fit. If you are renting a bike use this form to input your fit numbers when making your rental reservation.

Measuring & Recording Your Bike Fit


The following measurements are to be recorded in centimeters and transferred onto the bicycle in sequential order:

  1. Saddle Height: The distance between the top of the saddle through the crank Armco the top of the centerline of the pedal spindle, along the plane of the seat tube

  2. Set Back: The distance between the tip of the saddle and the centerline of the bottom bracket

  3. Fit Stack: The distance between the centerline of the stem’s handlebar clamp to the center line of the front wheel’s hub

  4. Fit Reach: The distance between the tip of the saddle and the centerline of the stem’s handlebar clamp


Professional Bike Fit Pricing

Road, Gravel and Mountain Bike Fit: $150

Triathlon and Time Trial Bike Fit: $200

Estimated time 60 to 90 minutes. Please bring your bibshorts and shoes

Be prepared to sweat…

Second, third, and (n+1) bikes are 50% off

Professional Refit

Rechecks of our Bike Fit to your original bike – as things change over time - are FREE

Bike Fit With Bike Purchase

Buy a new bike from us, and if we perform your bike fit, fees will be applied as a discount towards your total purchase

Got Your Fit Numbers? Ready to Rent?

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