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We believe our first responsibility is to safely and energetically grow the sport of cycling. In everything we do, we must be of high quality. We will consistently be friendly, helpful, approachable, reliable and encouraging to others. Juniors and new entrants to our sport – regardless of age – are an important part of cycling’s future and need to be nurtured. It is our duty and our opportunity to teach and lead them.

We are responsible to our teammates, the men and women with whom we ride and race, as well as the cycling community as a whole. Everyone must be considered an individual. We will respect their dignity and recognize their merit. We must be mindful of ways to help our teammates fulfill their family responsibilities and duties to their day time jobs. All must feel free to make suggestions, give praise and issue complaints. There must be equal opportunity for team membership, development, and advancement for those qualified. Serious Cycling will provide competent team leaders whose actions must be just and ethical.

We are responsible to the communities in which we ride, race and live. We must be good citizens – obeying traffic laws without putting ourselves in danger, abstaining from unnecessary yelling at drivers and understanding we represent all cyclists when on the road or trail. We must maintain in good order the equipment we are privileged to use and keep our team kits clean and in sound condition.

Our final responsibility is to our sponsors. We are to respect the resources afforded us and represent the brands supporting our efforts in the highest regard. Racing hard and racing clean, with dignity and respect for ourselves and our competition is compulsory. When we operate according to these principles we will produce high results and provide our sponsors the greatest return.