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We believe a properly fit road bike - one that is also well maintained and of high quality - greatly enhances your ability to enjoy the love of cycling. For that reason, we offer a fleet of high-end road bikes that are available to rent by the day or by the week. Best of all, if you decide to buy a bike from us within 30 days from your rental, those rental fees will be applied as a discount towards your purchase (up to 30% of the new bike purchase price).

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The Demo Fleet

Pinerallo, Paris

Paris is a bicycle developed and created to ensure maximun comfort without forgetting the racing spirit of every Pinarello bicycle.

Available Sizes are: 49, 51.5, 53, 54.5, 56, and 58

Officine Mattio, OM1

Handmade, custom Italian design without compromise
An endurance bike, with an incredibly smooth ride quality.

Available Sizes are: 48, 54, 56, and 58


Serious Cycling in Agoura Hills is our default pickup and return location.

Serious Cycling in Northridge pickup can be reserved by calling at least 24 hours in advance of your pickup day/time.

Pickup and return are available during regular business hours.

Mobile delivery, early pickup, and late return are all available for an additional fee. Please call at least 24 hours in advance of your pick up day to arrange.


Shoes, pedals, helmet, water bottles, and your cycling kit are not included in the rental fees. Don’t feel like traveling out with all of that? We offer a world-class selection of all of it in all store locations. However helmets can be rented for a flat $20 fee.


We want to make sure that you get the best experience possible on our bike so please send us your bike fit numbers during the reservation process and we will match them as close as possible.

There are four key measurements from your current bike that we need to set your rental up properly. Find these measurements here or send us your numbers from your bike fitter.

Haven’t had a bike fit? Schedule one for when you’re here. You will be glad you did!

How to Measure your Fit

The following measurements are to be recorded in centimeters and transferred onto the bicycle in sequential order:

1. Saddle Height: The distance between the top of the saddle to the centerline of the pedal spindle, along the plane of the seat tube

2. Set Back: The distance between the tip of the saddle and the centerline of the bottom bracket

3. Fit Stack: The distance between the centerline of the stem’s handlebar clamp to the centerline of the front wheel’s hub

 4. Fit Reach: The distance between the tip of the saddle and the centerline of the stem’s handlebar clamp

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Even the best made plans can change. We require a strict 48 hour notice to cancel and refund your reservation. Should you miss your reservation without the required 48 hour notice, you will be charged for the full amount of the rental and given a store credit for fifty percent of that amount.