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Schmolke TLO - Seatpost

Schmolke TLO - Seatpost
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Black-on-Black decals

All TLO (The Lightest One) UD carbon seat posts are handmade in Germany. Just like all other products of our TLO range our seat posts is manufactured to suit your personal weight and riding style using the best prepregs available in the market. Its head clamps the saddle’s rails on eight points. The alloy parts have chamfered edges, which, together with the large supporting carbon fiber surface, ensures that even fragile carbon rails are not unduly stressed. The 5 mm Ti6Al4V titanium screws are waisted extension bolts, strong enough to even withstand rough terrain mountain bike use.

The actual tube’s highest stressed sections consist of up to 17 layers of extremely thin carbon fiber prepreg, while its less stressed sections are sufficiently strong with as little as 9 layers. This is an extremely complicated design. Seat post built to price match as a rule come with constant wall-thickness. This makes production easy; it also makes the resulting seat post heavier than necessary. Seat posts require hundreds and hundreds of destruction tests to arrive at the lightest possible solution for every length and diameter without sacrificing the final products strength. We do of course also include rider’s weight into our design equations; light riders do not need to carry the extra weight of a standard seat post designed for a user much heavier than they are.

Weave options

TLO handlebars can be ordered in 1k or UD weave. 1k is the classic carbon look with biaxially woven fibers. UD (unidirectional) describes a more subtle all-black “non-woven” carbon look where all fibers run in one direction. In general UD carbon parts will be a few grams heavier compared to their 1k counterparts.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
1k / 220mm / 27.2mm TLOSP1K27.2/220 210000077218
1k / 220mm / 31.6mm TLOSP1K31.6/220 210000077219
1k / 250mm / 27.2mm TLOSP1K27.2/250 210000077225
1k / 250mm / 31.6mm TLOSP1K31.6/250 210000077232
1k / 280mm / 27.2mm TLOSP1K27.2/280 210000077226
1k / 280mm / 31.6mm TLOSP1K31.6/280 210000077231
UD / 220mm / 27.2mm TLOSPUD27.2/220 210000077220
UD / 220mm / 31.6mm TLOSPUD31.6/220 210000077221
UD / 250mm / 27.2mm TLOSPUD27.2/250 210000077228
UD / 250mm / 31.6mm TLOSPUD31.6/250 210000077229
UD / 280mm / 27.2mm TLOSPUD27.2/280 210000077227
UD / 280mm / 31.6mm TLOSPUD31.6/280 210000077230